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CIEX is a Cloud Based Platform accessed by accountancy practices on behalf of their clients. CIEX is exclusively dedicated to the sale, purchase, or investment in Businesses.

CIEX provides a secure and confidential marketplace which offers your client the best opportunity to achieve their sale and investment goals.

All contact via CIEX is solely accountant to accountant.

This provides clients with a high level of confidentiality and allows the accountancy practices to provide a unique service which has significant added value to their clients.

Both Client and Accountant can search for suitable opportunities. Only shortened versions of the listings are available to the Public, full listing details or contact with vendors is only available to accountancy practices. 

Within a accountancy practice full search access is available at to all qualified accountants or any trainee accountant (Certified Users). Full search access means that the Certified User can search for and read full listing plus watch existing listings.

Each Practice will have one or more Publishers who manage interaction on the CIEX platform, publishing Listings, enquiring about listings and answering queries from other Publishers. Certified Users within the Practice liaise with the Publishers on behalf of their clients. This allows the whole practice to identify business opportunities, while maintaining internal controls.

"CIEX creates opportunities… it releases capital for new ventures, for diversification or specialisation."




Signing Up:

There are three roles to be allocated:

The publisher is responsible for the day to day management of Listings, such as adding new listings, amending listings and issuing and replying to queries from other Publishers. They are the initial point of contact for CIEX queries in the Practice. The Practice decides on the number of Publishers they require. All Publishers must be Qualified Accountants.

The administrator is responsible for the back office duties relating to CIEX, such as adding and subtracting users, verifying and allocating invoices re listings or amending the Practice profile. The Administrator does not need to be a qualified accountant. Administrator duties may also be performed by a Publisher or Certified User Both of these duties may be performed by the same person.

Certified Users: 
All other Qualified or in-course of Qualification Accountants in the Practice are entitled to access free of charge as Certified Users. Certified Users have full search and watch facilities. They liaise with the Publisher to initiate contact with suitable Listing parties. It is to the benefit of the Practice that as many Certified Users as possible exist as they will be the opportunity generators for the Practice.  

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Application Process:

Membership Fees are based on the number of Publishers the practice requires; for a list of current Fees click here
The appointed Administrator logs into and completes a simple online application form. Upon acceptance of the application by CIEX the administrator may add additional Certified Users or Publishers and manage the practice membership etc..
Publishers and Certified Users will be contacted directly by CIEX informing them that they have been nominated by the practice. 

Using the Marketplace


Publishers and Certified Users can search the Marketplace for Buyers, Sellers or Investors. The searches can be made based on Keywords or Industry codes. There is also a facility to Share Listings by e-mail with clients or fellow accountants (visit our FAQ).

If a Client finds a listing of interest to them they are guided to send the listing details to their accountant (Share Listings by e-mail). The Accountant can then look at the full listing and discuss it with the Client. Should the Client and Accountant decide that the Listing is worth investigating the Publisher for the Practice can make contact with the vendor via CIEX.

Correspondence may then flow via CIEX’s anonymous internal communication system which keeps both parties details confidential. At any time either party can inform the other who they are and invite correspondence outside of the platform.


In preparing to List a business on CIEX the Member should follow their Practice and Industry Best Practice policies in preparing their Clients Business for sale. CIEX do not advise on this but it should be emphasised to the Client that the benefit of preparing documentation and records fully will be realised when replying to queries and engaging with a prospective buyer.




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