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Published Date: 8-April-2019

We are delighted to be a part of Europe's No.1 Accountancy & Finance Conference and Expo

Accountex, 1-2 May 2019 at ExCeL London, Stand 1030

CIEX is a Marketplace Operated by Accountancy Firms where Businesses are Bought & Sold on behalf of Clients.

This year CIEX is officially launching in the UK at Accountex in May. On stand 1030 our team will be available to explain how the CIEX platform can transform your M&A deals process, achieve greater success in the advisory sector, access new opportunities and bring exciting new deals to existing clients thereby growing your fee income in this thriving advisory sector.

As part of our launch we are also delivering the only M&A themed seminar on howMid-Tier M&A Taps into Tech Disruption .This session will explore how to embrace change and build internal systems and structures to exploit new technologies to develop new M&A opportunities and income streams. 

CIEX offers  ACCESS - there was no single recognised marketplace for selling, buying, or investing in £0.5-20m businesses. Even in this growing service area it can be difficult to generate competitive bidding for a client’s business. On the other hand, finding the right business to buy is equally difficult. The current methods lack continuity; traditional advertisements disappear from public view within a couple of days. Confidentiality is also a major issue for those who want to keep their intention to sell private, traditionally competitors are often the first parties approached so confidentiality or anonymity are difficult to maintain.

The old system of “known investors” does not recognise that this extended period of low interest rates has generated many new investors who are looking for alternative investment opportunities. The lack of a recognised marketplace is a major hindrance to investors’ access to deals which reduces competition.

CIEX provides this marketplace, it facilitates deals by providing a professional, confidential, and anonymous platform solely for those interested in investing in, buying or selling businesses. The accountant represents their client, with no third-party involvement, secure in the knowledge that they are reaching the widest possible audience of interested parties.

The CIEX format is simple:

  1. Only Accountancy practices can represent Businesses and Investors on the marketplace.
  2. The marketplace is secure and anonymous, even CIEX does not know the investor or seller’s identity.
  3. A member practice places a listing on the platform on behalf of their client. At this point the accountant is also anonymous which leads to a level playing field for the client.
  4. CIEX plays no role in the negotiations; initial contact and ensuing negotiations take place directly between the accountants for both parties.
  5. CIEX does not broker and collects no commission – there is a listing fee and that is all.
  6. CIEX facilitates anonymous enquiries until one of the accountants identifies themselves after which negotiations can continue in the traditional way.
  7. The listing remains live 24/7 until removed by the member firm.
  8. Investors and Business owners can join free of charge but only see a summary of each listing, however It only takes one click to share a listing with their accountant for discussion.
  9. All enquiries must come through an accountancy practice; this ensures that all enquiries have the benefit of being pre-screened by an industry professional.

Call to stand 1030 to discover the benefits of utilising cloud access to revolutionise how you find and initiate deals for your clients

On Stand 1030 we will be offering show special offers and exciting competitions to firms who wish to grow their market share of the global and local M&A market. 

See you at AccountEX London Excel 1-2 May @ Stand 1030




AccountEX London 2019, Corporate Finance, Deal Teams, M&A



CIEX, AccountEX London 2019, M&A, Corporate Finance, Deal Teams

"CIEX creates opportunities… it releases capital for new ventures, for diversification or specialisation."


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