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CIEX BLOG :: Welcome to Our New Members

Corporate Finance and M&A Teams UK & IE - Welcome New Members.

Published Date: 4-Aug-2020

We are delighted to welcome these firms as new members to the CIEX Platform.

A network of over 40 firms who together have more than 200 offices across the UK and Ireland. CIEX is an anonymous platform operated by accountancy firms where businesses are bought and sold on behalf of clients.

If your firm’s Corporate Finance team would like to join our network they can avail of our Covid-19 initiative to try it out FREE of CHARGE. Click here


You can avail of this offer by registering your accountancy firm today.

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To see a full list of our members from UK and Ireland please visit our Members page here.

CIEX BLOG :: Welcome New Members



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"CIEX creates opportunities… it releases capital for new ventures, for diversification or specialisation."


CIEX - Welcome

A big welcome to our newest members


CIEX - New Members

We are delighted to welcome these firms to the CIEX Platform.


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Maintaining your Business During the Pandemic


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