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The long road to Galway!

Published Date: 22-May-2017

We took the long road to Galway, but it was worth it. How long? Well three years’ development, thousands of lines of code, lots of questions to practicing accountants, many meetings, research, testing and more testing and lots and lots of late nights and coffee. But then there we were, 8.00 am in the foyer of the Radisson Blu waiting for the first delegates to arrive for the Chartered Accountants Annual Conference and it felt great.

The day passed quickly, filled with conversations with delegates on M&A, TAS, Corporate Finance, confidentiality, client retention etc.

Launching a new product is exciting and when you have created a marketplace for business owners to sell their businesses and where accountants can enhance their service offering to their clients, its a win win situation for all involved.

Disruption was the title of the conference and we were there to show how the M&A marketplace was going to be disrupted. The CIEX concept is simple, CIEX is a marketplace operated by accountancy firms where businesses are bought & sold on behalf of clients in the sub €10m bracket. This is the only marketplace of its kind in the world. Now accountants can act directly for their clients to acquire, invest in and ultimately sell businesses without recourse to third parties in a secure and professional environment.

Why is CIEX so focused on telling business owners and investors to talk to their accountants? CIEX believes that the best people to sell, negotiate and evaluate a business deal on behalf of clients are their accountants. So CIEX will never act as a Broker, Valuer or Advisor, we simply provide a secure, confidential and professional marketplace.

The marketplace operates strictly accountant to accountant with full anonymity, so members know that any communication is coming from a qualified accountant in a recognised practice.
CIEX fills a long recognised void in the business growth and exit landscape by providing a single, professional, confidential marketplace which allows worldwide access 24/7. A marketplace for businesses and investment that never closes and which can be accessed directly from an accountants desk.

To find out more about how CIEX can help you provide M&A, Corporate Finance and Investment added value services to your clients and businesses visit CIEX or call 051-325543 to book a demonstration.




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