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Why Buy a business? Organic is good isn’t it?

Published Date: 21-Jan-2018

For the Business Owner there are multiple benefits to buying a business rather than relying on organic growth. “It is cheaper to buy than to build - Buying makes sense, you acquire an established customer base, remove competition, and accelerate your growth.” Tim Counihan, Director CIEX , “By having existing Cash Flow, Customers and Staff from day one you can concentrate on growing your business in line with your vision”. “Growth through an acquisition strategy opens up opportunities like cross-selling existing product lines to new customers and new product lines to existing customers” Organic growth will happen but an acquisition delivers critical mass.

Investors, because of the current low interest rate environment the presence of a platform like CIEX means that you have access to potentially higher earning opportunities. Investors can access the CIEX platform free of charge and share listings which match your interests with your accountant for further investigation and discussion. CIEX also allows your accountant to list your investment requirements with complete anonymity in this unique marketplace.

CIEX is about linking specific requirements with specific need. “why would you invest in a business rather than a fund? Well it depends on what do you want to achieve? Capital Growth, Income or Participation?” Tim Counihan, Director, "You have money to invest but you may also have skills to offer” successful growing companies need and welcome experience of new markets, processes, systems, international development, plus of course industry connections. It may be that the most valuable thing you bring is the contacts on your mobile phone. Equity investment are not about arm’s length relationships. Many business people have made more money in retirement than during their business career, you have time, perspective and experience, these have real value in bringing a product or service from concept or local markets to world presence.

CIEX is about linking specific requirements with specific needs through trusted advisors – your accountants. #TalkToYourAccountants.






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