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CIEX BLOG ::Getting your ducks in a row … Preparing to sell your company. 10 Steps to selling a business from Crowe

Getting your ducks in a row … Preparing to sell your company. 10 Steps to selling a business from Crowe

Published Date: 26-July-2018

What can you do to ensure that you get the best deal? The answer is the same as for any sale – by preparing and presenting the product in the very best light. Anyone who is planning to sell or buy a business should engage an accountancy firm who have specific experience in buying and selling businesses. This may be your existing accountant or may require you to engage another firm, remember it is a once in a lifetime deal so you need to ensure you are getting the best advice.

To help you prepare for this process CIEX plans to bring you advice from established accountants who are experienced in advising clients successfully through the whole process. This week we bring you 10 steps to selling a business from Crowe who are a member Firm of CIEX and have extensive experience in M&A activity. This article gives an excellent introduction to the concepts that you will need to take on board as you prepare for the M&A process. As with most activities much of the success of the process depends on the preparation on your part and the quality of those professionals with whom you surround yourself.
If you are contemplating selling or buying a business, ask your chosen accountant about their specific experience and ensure that they have the market access to ensure that you get exposure to as many potential buyers or sellers as possible.

CIEX was created to give accountants and their clients anonymous access to the largest possible marketplace when selling or buying a business.
All CIEX Member Accountants are established firms with specialist experience in advising clients on buying, selling and investing in businesses. Ask your accountant if they offer access to CIEX.




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