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Solve Disruption with an Acquisition

Published Date: 28-June-2018

Once upon a time “Disruption” meant something went wrong. There was a breakdown in the business, employees were not able to do their work, the factory line had to stop the whole organisation was disrupted from doing a days work. In today’s marketplace “disruption” means change. A new way of servicing customers. A new way of businesses increasing their market share.

“63% of large companies globally currently face high levels of disruption. — Accenture, 2018”

Consumers are demanding more results at a higher quality and delivered at lightning speeds. Nearly every industry has felt some form of disruption over the last number of years. There are a number of obvious disruptors that most people can identify with. Social Media has disrupted the way people receive their news. Even though all traditional media is still in place, the media industry, media organisations, newspapers, radio stations etc have felt the disruptive power that social media channels have brought to their business model. Their organisations have had to adapt to the changes that these new channels have brought to their business model.

What is new and is causing businesses an issue is the speed of change in consumer market trends. Businesses need to be aware of the new trends and disruptors that are soon going to be the required expectation of their customers. If they fail to adapt to the new trends at an early stage then their business model becomes out dated and they begin to see a loss in market share.

Customer behaviour is changing rapidly and innovation and change is common within every marketplace. How businesses are bought and sold is also changing rapidly. In order for a business to stay competitive they may need to acquire another company that has technology or software or resources that would be an ideal fit for their new market strategy to deal with the disruption within their industry.

When a business needs to make an acquisition they turn to their accountant for options. Their accountant has a number of ways that they can help between the contacts they know and placing adverts in newspapers. Time is usually a key factor in all deals and never on the side of the business owner. The business owner needs wide access to a marketplace where their proposition can reach the widest qualified marketplace with complete security and anonymity to deliver them the outcome they require.

CIEX is the leading disruptor within the Mergers and Acquisitions marketplace. CIEX is a platform where businesses are bought and sold. What makes CIEX a disruptor within the M&A industry is its role within the industry. CIEX gives ACCESS to a wider marketplace regardless of industry or borders. CIEX creates a marketplace where all parties, buyers, sellers and investors have an equal view. CIEX gives more opportunities for the seller to reach more buyers. CIEX give the buyer more opportunities to reach a wider range of industries to buy from. CIEX give the accountants more opportunities to deliver results for their clients and CIEX gives the investor more opportunities to reach the right investment.

Disruption is here to stay and the business leaders who can adopt their business model and integrate it into their current business model will succeed. Disruption is a good thing, customers welcome it and when they see it they will immediately change their behaviour to facilitate it as the majority of times it is more convenient or beneficial for them. Disruption within industries is just a natural evolution. Disruption for businesses will make them stronger.

Disruption is a topic that is here to stay. Read about CIEX at the Chartered Accountants of Ireland - Disruption Conference in 2017

Talk to your accountant today about the disruption happening in your industry and ways to deal with it. If an acquisition is strategically beneficial to your business why not ask them about access to CIEX.





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