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CIEX BLOG :: Am I ready to sell?

“What do you mean Am I Ready To Sell?!!” ?

Published Date: 19-Nov-2018

As business owners we are constantly aware of our company’s need for greater efficiency / effectiveness / lean (ness). Multiple tools are promoted to us designed to chart our business performance, use of assets, cost base, HR performance etc. etc….

Then along comes an accountant who suggests a simple measure - What would a potential buyer think? How direct… how obvious!

We know there will be specific short-term strategic decisions which may demand short-term inefficiencies to attain a long-term goal but at the base of it all is the key question - What changes should we make to improve the effectiveness, competitiveness or efficiency of our company and thereby increase its value?

Michelle Hawkins of PKF-FPM is the publisher of this insightful article on the reasons you need to be sale-ready and not just because you may want to sell! Read the full article here.

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