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CIEX Going Global

Published Date: 20-Sept-2018

CIEX’s intention to create a single worldwide marketplace which allows business people to find or advertise opportunities to buy, sell or invest in businesses ranging from €0.5m to €15m has just taken a leap forward. From now on we can be found at our new address: WWW.CIEXGLOBAL.COM.

Following four years in technical development, over the last number of months CIEX has succeeded in attracting accountancy firms ranging from Big 4 practices to specialist M&A and Corporate Finance boutique offices. As we have now also begun to receive international requests for access to the CIEX Platform we have decided to facilitate that international marketplace by providing a single point of access worldwide.

Why is the platform attracting so much attention? This is the only business platform of its kind in the world. CIEX offers complete confidentiality to both parties while allowing them to access deals from specialist M&A and Corporate Finance Accountancy Firms which were previously only accessible to those accountant’s own clients and acquaintances.

CIEX does not Broker, advise or charge commission on deals initiated through its platform all business is done directly business to business through your own accountants. You pay a single fixed listing fee based on the cost of a newspaper advertisement which unlike a newspaper is available to interested parties 24/7 until you decide it is no longer needed.
CIEX gives you access to national and international business acquisition and investment opportunities directly from our platform. Business owners and investors can register free of charge here to keep up to date with business expansion opportunities as they emerge direct from business sellers, buyers and investors. You can then work in complete confidentiality through your accountants to realise your strategic growth or exit plans.

Unlike advisors who only offer restricted access to their own customer base or receive commission payments for “introducing” your business to clients we deliver direct, confidential and commission free access to committed buyers and sellers across all our member accountancy firms. Ask your accountant today if they can deliver access to a marketplace with this reach.

If you are in the market to buy, sell or invest in the €0.5m to €15m range access the CIEX platform free of charge and then talk to your accountant or one of our member accountants about widening your opportunities by using the CIEX platform.




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