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Planning for 2018: Exit or Expansion

Published Date: 9-December-2017

Christmas is always a time for contemplating the future and reflecting on the past. For Business owners and Investors October/November will have been all about year-end tax returns and pension considerations. Then comes the Christmas rush of product and services to be delivered before the holiday, stresses about potential missed delivery dates and urgent orders until eventually we all realise that what is done is done and the rest will have to be sorted in January. In that Christmas reprieve comes time to review and plan.

Buying and selling businesses has always been problematic due mainly to the lack of a recognised marketplace, there are plenty of willing buyers and sellers, but they cannot find each other. May of this year however brought a new digital platform called CIEX ( ) to the marketplace which solves this marketplace issue while offering anonymity and confidentiality to all.

CIEX is a deceptively simple Cloud Platform, it is exclusively dedicated to the sale, purchase or investment in Businesses. CIEX does not act as a Broker, Valuer or Advisor, “CIEX simply provides a secure marketplace where Accountants can provide their clients with a confidential professional setting to realise their divestment and investment goals” Tim Counihan, Director, CIEX. Effectively your accountant can list your business or your investment interest on the CIEX platform while offering you anything from complete anonymity to full identity disclosure all based on your personal preference.

Business Owners and Investors are not excluded from the Platform, you are granted access free of charge. For confidentiality this is a restricted view sufficient to confirm if the listing is of interest plus a neat and easy sharing facility which allow the listing to be sent to your accountant for full review just by the insertion of their e-mail address, to try it out just visit  and register for free.

Following the initial round of introductions and membership completions by accountancy firms since it’s May 2017 launch CIEX is now receiving listings as disparate as an investor interested in the Health industry to a software company looking for capital investment. Visit for information and insights into the process of selling and investing in business.






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"CIEX creates opportunities… it releases capital for new ventures, for diversification or specialisation."


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