CIEX - Where Businesses are Bought & Sold


Selling your Business:

“If you are exiting a business, work with your accountants to bring your capital with you. Prepare your exit plan and maximise your return.”

Speak to your Accountant in confidence and discuss what you would like to do, plan for the future with someone you trust. They will propose options you have not even considered. 

Using CIEX you can find the people who want to acquire and grow your business in partnership with you while providing a Cash lump-sum and income continuation for you.

Rather than just close or run down part or all of the business you can use it to fund another, there is commercial value in your business so why waste it. Planning ahead makes all the difference

Business Owner

"CIEX creates opportunities… it releases capital for new ventures, for diversification or specialisation."

Business Owner

Buying to Expand:

Are you ready for growth, do you want to take a step-up rather than a slow climb? 

Buying an existing business delivers established customers and geographic coverage fast. It also removes competition and allows you to spread the cost of your overheads.

Buying an existing business delivers diversification with a ready-made return, it allows you to offer new products or services to existing customers as well as giving you a new customer base for your existing product or service. 

“Buying makes sense, acquire an established customer base, remove competition, and accelerate your growth. 
Talk to your accountant today about how you can use CIEX to grow”

Management Buy-outs (MBOs) and Growth Vehicles:

Do you and your management team see an opportunity to leverage your skills and industry knowledge but need an existing business as a vehicle? Your accountants can use CIEX to work completely confidentially to find the correct target firm for you to acquire.

If you are thinking about an MBO, through CIEX your Accountants can find and evaluate potential investment partners both passive and active while keeping your involvement completely confidential.

CIEX facilitates the confidential exploration of opportunities giving you unique access to data through your accountants.

Business Owner

“Talk to your Accountants today about how they can help you succeed using CIEX”.

CIEX provides the marketplace for Businesses and Investors to find and evaluate each other in a transparent yet confidential manner. Your accountants will discuss your needs and help put together business plans which show the opportunity on offer.

“Remember with your accountant you can discuss your options in complete confidentiality with an impartial professional who has your company’s best interest in mind”.

Talk to your Accountants first about how they can use CIEX to deliver the best solution for you!